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Fans get to lớn see more of Will Turner! Disney

The scene opens with the sound of thunder. We see Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann(Keira Knightley) after they"re reunited. The two aresleeping in bed togetheras the door lớn their room slowly creaks ajar.

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We see a shadowy figure loom over them who looks lượt thích the former Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones. His tentacles và claw are both teased in the shadows.

Immediately, we see Will wake up và realizehe was dreaming. He sighs and kisses Elizabeth before fallingback khổng lồ sleep. But the camera pans down to lớn the floor where the shadowy figure stood — and there are barnacles on the ground.

Was it all really a dream?

What itmay mean


Is Davy Jones coming back? Disney

Will"s obviously not dealing well with the Dutchman"scurse being broken during "Dead Men Tell No Tales." The man he"s having nightmares about is the former Dutchman, Davy Jones (Bill Nighy).

The last time we saw Jones, he was presumably killed by Will & Jack (Johnny Depp) in "Piratesof the Caribbean: At World"s End." His heart gets stabbed & he falls into the ocean.

However, the trident in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" presumably broke every curse in the ocean all at once. (Captain Jack Sparrow said it, so it must be true.) Could it also have broken Jones" curse, made him human again, and brought him back to lớn life?

Is Davy Jones coming lớn haunt Will for abandoning the Dutchman? The ship always needs a captain, so if Will isn"t at the helm, maybe Jones has taken back command.

It would be quite a stretch, but since he was never found, Disney could easily bring him back. Industrial Light and Magic received an Academy Award for its work on bringing the character to life in the 2006 sequel, "Dead Man"s Chest."

Will there be a "Pirates 6"?


Could we see a pirates movie centered around the father & son duo? Disney

It certainly looks that way. Despite sale for "Dead Men Tell No Tales" suggesting the fifth film in the franchise is the final adventure, others have said there may be room for another movie.

Bloom himself said as much on "The Graham Norton Show"in April.

The actor said "there is room for more" films in the franchise when he was asked by the host.

ProducerJerry Bruckheimer has alsosaid he"s up to vày another movie, but it may depend on box-office receipts.

"If they show up for this one và Johnny wants to do another one and Disney wants to lớn write a check, we"ll be there," Bruckheimer told Variety.

Bruckheimer also told Digital Spy that if the series is khổng lồ continue you can bet that Johnny Depp will be in the sequel.

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"The secret to any successful franchise is picking talented people, & Johnny is absolutely key khổng lồ the success of "Pirates,"" he said. "He"s such a unique character, such an endearing character, and such an irreverent character all in one."

Whether the franchise brings back Davy Jones or shows Bloom set off on another adventure with his son, there are certainly more directions for "Pirates" to go in the future.