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Recap of the episode

Three old childhood friends get together for the conversation that must fix everything, but one of them is no longer the old idealistic child. This reviews of Shingeki no kyojin: The Final Season Episode 14 contains spoilers. If you have not seen the episode yet, we recommend you do it and then go back khổng lồ read the review.

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The Ackermans are slaves, Eren hates Mikasa, that"s what he said, Eren is stronger than Armin. Freedom is a complicated subject to giảm giá khuyến mãi with, so the question that will always come: are we free?

Eren"s case, isn"t lượt thích Armin và others, he hasn"t become a slave lớn the memories, wishes, & thoughts of the previous Attack Titan holders, Eren"s answer khổng lồ the question is very offensive, he judges from his perspective, someone who knows more. Eren knows the truth of things & feels miễn phí because of this truth, the freedom makes him feel superior.

The Ackermans are slaves and Eren"s answer is justified, we know what happened before and we know the Ackermans, we make sense of what Eren says, Mikasa"s spontaneous kích hoạt when Armin wanted khổng lồ attack Eren is a pure explanation of Eren"s argument.

A prisoner and a slave have something in common: they are deprived of their freedom, this is considered the greatest punishment, and don"t we consider ourselves better than the prisoners? Mikasa is tied up, unwilling, và doesn"t want to lớn accept it. But she has a chance because whoever knows about slavery can fight against it.

We always say that " talking fix, violence ruins" & history validates this saying. But Armin is none of this, he is just someone who was carried by his emotions, he tried to protect those he cares about. If someone does not understand in a good way, why not try a bad way. Is the physical assault justifiable? Did Armin use his freedom or was he just prey lớn his feelings? Armin is the most sensible we know, he stills to be a human who knows very well, but even when he tried to lớn use violence, Eren beats him.

Levi is another Ackerman và he is another slave if we consider what Eren mentions. Seems that Eren really has solid arguments against the Ackermans, it"s demonstrated by the fact of what Levi did và does for Erwin, he tries to fulfill the dead man"s will. Zeke proves lớn be a good strategist, but he underestimated the skills of the cold-blooded Levi, who killed his fellows (titans) in order to go after the Beast. Zeke is surprised, shocked, và desperately fights, but he is no match for the Ackerman, Levi manages lớn capture him và beat his ass.

The old (adults & elderly) have traditional và outdated ideas that hold the progress of a country. On the other hand, young people represent the future và new ideas, progress in other words. The Yeagerists are the young people & it is reflected in what the recruit with glasses mentions & what Floch also says.

The fact that Folch asks the recruits khổng lồ beat the hell out of the old instructor is a symbol, breaking with the past, the future depends on the young. Meanwhile, we see that finally, Zeke is suffering under the hands of Levi.

The episode rating is: 9/10

This episode has been very good: the conversation and the fight between the friends, the fight of Levi, the recruits, & then cut with the past. The animation is quite the same as the previous episode, except for the CGI Beast that has been clearly noticeable, but it did not look terrible compared to other uses of CGI.

As we know the episode was interrupted by an earthquake alert, you will most likely read this. Earthquakes are serious things, nhật bản endures a lot of earthquakes, let"s hope this doesn"t impact the Japanese.

So, it"s an interesting episode. Two more khổng lồ go lớn the kết thúc of this season. I know what will happen because I"ve read the Manga & still while the manga is being published. As far as I know, there is no movie or sequel confirmation. Hopefully, there is one of these two.

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