From the get-go it"s obvious that AxE: Alliance vs Empire doesn"t really care if you play it or not. Don"t get me wrong, it wants you to lớn download, install, and enjoy the game, but when it comes khổng lồ pushing buttons it doesn"t give a flip one way or another. Push "em if you want, let the game take care of it if you don"t.

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And the fact of the matter is you probably will let the game get on with it. There"s a lot of running around to vày otherwise, và while the game looks pretty nice, staring at a generic fantasy world while you sprint through it from A lớn B isn"t the most exciting way to spend your time.

Instead you"re going khổng lồ concentrate on the meta, adding to lớn your equipment, picking the quests you want to go on, và ignoring the story as best you can. AxE is, to all intents và purposes, an incredibly evolved clicker. Albeit one where clicking is an option you don"t have to choose.

Play me for it

After that introduction there"s a very good chance you"ve already decided whether you"re into AxE or not. You"re almost certainly right as well. This isn"t a trò chơi that"s going to lớn sway you from your path of either loving or hating this sort of hands-off MMO experience.

There"s a familiarity here that anyone who"s ever played any MMO trò chơi is going to lớn feel instantly. Run about picking up fetch quests, smash up big monsters from time lớn time, and head into dungeons if you"re looking for more of a challenge. There are guilds to join, sub-quests to lớn complete, & daily challenges begging for your attention.

Every action you make adds to your stats in one way or another. Right now, as I type this, I"m mining for gold along the coast. My character, Bribriaxes, has just unlocked a new skill that allows him khổng lồ throw a giant rock on his assailants. He seems pretty pleased with it, when I look in on him from time lớn time.


There are different kinds of characters khổng lồ play with. You can pick from the Alliance or the Empire, which restricts the roles you can choose. Bri is a tank, but you can be an archer, a warrior, a mage, & more. I"d say that picking the one that best represents your playstyle would be a good idea, but in the over it"s more of an aesthetic choice than anything else.

Unless of course you"re going lớn be pushing the buttons, in which case picking the right character is going khổng lồ define your experience. That said, when the temptation lớn let the AI take the reigns is this high, it"s not going lớn make too much of a difference.

Your main role in the game is to lớn mess about with your gear to lớn make sure you"re as strong as possible. There are always new rewards to lớn collect, new bits of the world to explore, và ever-more side quests & diversions that you can mix your character off doing with little khổng lồ no fuss.

AxE a lot

Even if AxE isn"t for you, it"s hard to complain about what it offers. It"s super polished, stacked lớn the rafters with content, and flows along with exactly the sort of pace that"s going khổng lồ suck you into the maelstrom of fun if you let it.

Think of it more like an RPG character management game than an MMO. It"s not so much about skill, as it is paying attention to what your characters has, what your character needs, & where your character needs to go. And enjoy all the bright lights that flash up while you"re going it.

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In the end, AxE offers up a super slick midcore experience that"s going khổng lồ capture the imagination of a lot of people. Sure, it might not be for you, but that"s okay - there are loads of other games you can go và play instead.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire doesn"t do much wrong, and if you like your MMOs hands-off, you"re going to love it