Nick plays the trumpet in Grand Central Terminal at 1:30 a.m. Where he notices Brooke. This moment marked the start of their adventure in the city.

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A series of misadventures follow, & the pair ends up with no money nor a plan.

Nick tries to lớn help Brooke get trang chủ after the station closed. They tried to come up with ways lớn raise enough money for a cab.

Secrets linger as the two traverse thành phố new york City. Nick is supposed to attend a wedding reception where his ex-girlfriend is present, and Brooke must be back in New Haven, Conn., before her husband gets trang chủ so she can get rid of an angry letter she wrote him và save their marriage. Both Nick và Brooke have suffered severely in their love lives and still carry huge emotional burdens.

Nick and Brooke walk around the streets of thủ đô new york City. They had an unbelievable adventure in the past couple of hours, which started when Nick offered lớn help Brooke get home.

By the time they giới thiệu a tearful goodbye at the train station, they both decided to lớn face their problems.

Time is a constant theme in “Before We Go.” Brooke has lớn get trang chủ before the next morning, & Nick hesitates about attending the wedding reception held at midnight. The sense of urgency shown in this film reveals the fast-paced life most adults face. For Nick and Brooke, the concern is no longer how khổng lồ fall in love but how to stay true khổng lồ love, which highlights a real problem in marriages.

Furthermore, in “Before We Go,” Nick hasn’t moved on since his breakup six years ago. Nick’s obsession with his ex-girlfriend indicates the cruel fact that time can torture people. In an adult world, heartbreaks and disappointments are inevitable, but learning khổng lồ “be OK with not being OK” is important, just lượt thích Nick says in the film.

Choice is also brought up multiple times in the film. Brooke chooses a new life over her old job & Nick chooses khổng lồ pursue his dream of being a musician. After realizing there will always be struggles in life and that they have a choice with who they want lớn endure these struggles with, Brooke và Nick decide not to run away from their problems.

In the film, Nick compliments Brooke for being brave and Brooke appreciates Nick for choosing to lớn help her. They help each other realize what they want in their life during a couple of life-altering hours. By the kết thúc of the film, they find themselves facing more choices, but the fact they met và impacted another’s life proves lớn be a beautiful story about growth.

The storytelling is admirably paced throughout the entire film. The film soundtrack complements and adds feelings lớn what the main characters are going through. There is a variety of music genres as well, including indie pop (“The Alchemy Between Us“) & classic jazz (“My Funny Valentine“). The film does a very good job emphasizing the important moments through beautiful music. One of the most unforgettable songs is “Only Yesterday,” which creates a sad mood for the farewell at the kết thúc of the film.

Nick and Brooke wander around the streets after Brooke called her friend to help her take care of the angry letter Brooke had written for her husband. For the first time in a while, Brooke looked genuinely happy.

“Before We Go” may have a familiar plot, but it has a fresh approach to lớn reality. It is heartwarming, but should strike the audience as more than just a love story.

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“Before We Go” is available on Amazon Prime video and Tubi.


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