The battle between Magic Knights & the Devils continues at the Spade Kingdom. Zenon reveals that two close royal friends possessed powerful magic a long time ago in the Spade Kingdom. But their friendships turned into hatred and became demons. Due lớn the hatred, they clashed and got sealed away. Demons are born from the hatred of humans và the power nguồn of the underworld.

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The Grinberry were given the task to guard the two demons who hate each other. The demons are now released to lớn entertain the Magic Knights. Zennon asks Yuno about the safety of Clover Kingdom. He comments that all the powerful, Magic Knights are here in the Spade Kingdom and who will protect the Clover Kingdom from those two demons. Yuno started sweating và realizes that they lure everyone to lớn the Spade Kingdom to lớn destroy the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 282 will be released on Sunday, 14 February 2021. The detailed spoilers of the next chapter of đen Clover are not yet available. Keep in mind that every Sunday new chapter of đen Clover is released. Look at how the battle between the Devils and the Magic Knights has begun here: Black Clover Chapter 281. Find out how the anti-magic boy with saving the Clover Kingdom below.

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Black Clover

Damnatio Kira joins the battle, và he wants to judge the demon for creating chaos around the capital. He thinks that the only way to fight phenomenal magic is lớn attack back with equally phenomenal magic. Damanatio comments that the magic is far too vast; he cannot negate it completely. The citizen spots a powerful man coming khổng lồ save them. When he reaches near them, they realize that it is the Wizard King. 

Julius realizes that he uses a spell khổng lồ advance his body’s time by ten years. The time & his abilities are limited. He thinks that if he combines his powers with Damnatio’s power, they will be victorious. Julius unleashes a powerful blow trying to lớn send the demon to lớn hell. But he got smaller again & realizes that he is out of time, but it did not last long. The citizens are surprised that Julius has turned small and he looks like a teenage boy. 

The giant demon unleashes a cannon lớn finish the Kingdom & the citizens’ bình luận that it is all over. Asta shows up saying that in this world, magic is everything. He is holding Liebe with charging towards the giant demon. Julius is glad that the anti-magic boy has arrived. He yells Asta’s name when he is falling to the ground. Asta told Liebe that it is time lớn enter the Devil Union. The citizens are safe since Asta has arrived. 

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