The Black Clover anime has been put on a break and today we share Black Clover Episode 171 release date and when we can expect Season 5 to start airing.

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October 3, 2017 – an anime began which was very quickly compared to the likes of Fairy Tail and Naruto. Pretty soon, the anime gathered a strong fanbase and established itself to be different from others.

With its identity formed, it soon began to be considered as one of the New Big 3 of Shonen genre. That anime is Black Clover.

The anime has run for about three and a half years, Studio Pierrot handled it as a long-running anime and did a splendid job on it. In fact, there was a particularly amazing scene in Episode 80, that instantly brought in a whole new set of fans!

Black Clover anime ran for 4 seasons and the special announcement that came out recently announced the movie.

It has been supported by many big critics and even saw success in San Diego Comic Con. We are quite hopeful that the series will have a bright future!

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Noblesse Season 2 will also be announced soon, so don’t forget to check them out once you are done with this article.

Update: Not releasing in the month of April 2021.

Black Clover Episode 171, Season 5 Details:

As of now, we don’t know anything about Black Clover Season 5. Whether the series has been canceled, whether it will be renewed, what format will come, it all hangs by a thread. Let us tell you about a small fact that is being revolved around lately.

As of March 2021, Black Clover manga doesn’t even have 20 million sales. In fact, it is quite far from it. With 27 volumes out already, one would expect better performance, especially when there’s so much hype.

However, the anime earned decent revenue and all was good. Now we can see 2 seasons for the end of the anime.

First, the creators wanna test the series – maybe the craze has died down and so they want to see if Black Clover Season 5 is worth the cost. So, they’re releasing a movie instead. If the movie manages to get enough success, they will continue, else they will axe it.

Second, the anime is dangerously close to the manga – with less than adequate source material, the anime will have to resort to useless fillers. Thing is, an exciting portion of the Spade arc is about to begin and punching in fillers will totally ruin the flow. So better wait for the manga to progress.

Assuming that the series satisfies both conditions, we expect Season 5 to be renewed, and we’d guess the Black Clover Episode 171 release date to be somewhere around 2024.

By then there will be about 100 more chapters worth of content! The anime will be able to perform well!

It’s the same with many other anime that ended this fall, like Redo Of Healer Episode 13.

Black Clover Movie details:

For a while now, the creators said that Black Clover will end with 170 episodes and they will make a special announcement. On 29thMarch, 2021, they announced on twitter about the decision to make a movie. And they also drew a beautiful image of Asta beckoning us to the future.

Nothing else about the movie has been released yet. They’re definitely in the preparatory stage.

However, we believe that Studio Pierrot will animate it and will probably have the involvement of Itsuko Takeda, the character designer of the series. And Shueisha will probably be one of the Producers.

We strongly urge all of you Black Clover fans to abstain from pirating this movie. It will need all the support we can show it, so that the manga can survive. Only then we can expect Black Clover Episode 171 to be released.

And remember, it is always great if you buy the new volumes of the manga.

Black Clover Season 5 Spoilers:

Finally, let us tell you some Black Clover Episode 171 spoilers. Since the anime is quite far off, we are going to reveal some details from the manga. Read at your own risk.

In the last episode, we saw Liebe and Asta engage in a battle, inside the devil binding ritual. Liebe tells Asta about his experiences and his hatred. Asta manages to defeat Liebe and then, instead of enslaving him, made him into an ally. Now, he has a new friend whose power he can use freely.

Going ahead, Nacht will teach Asta, the supremely powerful technique of Devil Union. While Liebe is a low level devil, he is immensely strong because he literally has the power of Anti-Magic. Asta and Liebe will manage to unite and grow incredibly strong.

Meanwhile, Nacht plans a great raid on the Spade Kingdom. The infiltration begins very smoothly with amazing matchups being formed, coupled with splendid fights.

However, things seldom go the way we want them to! The Dark Triad sends a Demon towards the unprotected Clover Kingdom.

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And to make things worse, the Tree of Qliphoth is unleashed, flooding in loads of Demons from the Underworld. The Knights of Clover Kingdom are in extreme danger!

We will be updating this article with more Black Clover Ep 171 Release date and its season 5 announcement soon. So stay tuned and read our article on Attack On TItan Season 4 Episode 17 while you wait.

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