If you are a comic book lover One Piece (Pirate Island) then surely you can’t ignore the hit game One Piece AFK – Great Journey Idle Just released on 16/3. This is a general card strategy game, the player will have the task of collecting the cards of the characters in the One Piece manga to lớn build a battle squad & participate in the adventure of crossing the Great Sea & becoming a hero. Pirate King.

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It sounds very interesting, isn’t it? Then, let’s continue with EmergenceInGame to lớn learn the unique and interesting features of the game dai Hai Trinh in the content of the article below.

1. Main trò chơi modes

Dai nhì Trinh includes 2 main game modes: story mode and sub-game mode. In which the story mode is divided into many different chapters based on the plot và main developments in the One Piece manga, the special feature in this mode is that the player after passing the game screen will can proceed to hang up and receive rewards even when offline.


As for the supplementary game mode, there are many different game modes such as: Cake Island, Sealed Area, Companion thử nghiệm … và players will have to lớn overcome countless different special challenges to lớn have a chance lớn receive rewards. Extremely attractive.

2. The gameplay of dẻo Hai Trinh

Players will have lớn build a squad of up lớn 6 general cards based on the role, strength, và advantages và disadvantages of each card to fight và overcome the levels in the game.

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3. Types of General Cards

Players will collect champion cards through the process of fighting, participating in events or sweepstakes. Then use gold after each match và hang up khổng lồ upgrade the champion cards.


When reaching limited levels such as 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, … the general cards will need lớn use the knit cấp độ to increase the level. Along with that, the strength index will be increased accordingly. The general cards will own a different number of stars from 1 to lớn 5 stars and players can upgrade lớn increase the number of stars khổng lồ a maximum of 15.

Besides, each character when reaching more than 10 stars will have more awakening skills và players can use upgrading skills to help them become stronger. Hero cards if the player already owns or does not use them can be split to lớn receive dan tier và companion souls lớn upgrade other champion cards.

4. Dẻo Hai Trinh Arena

Dai hai Trinh has 2 arenas: Tournament of Kings and Champion practice

Tournament of Kings is a single player mode, where gamers will have to lớn beat other players lớn compete for the rank on the server’s total rankings to lớn receive attractive rewards.


Champion practice is a team battle mode (3vs3), gamers can come from many different servers to join to lớn compete & take the position of the strongest pirate.

5. Types of Classes in the Grand Line

The general cards in dai Hai Trinh are divided into 6 different systems: tan Tinh, Thi Vu Hai, Navy, Straw Hat, Dark, Light & different jobs are Mage, Soldier, Knight, Pastor and Assassin.

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Each system will counter each other as well as each profession will have different strengths, players need to lớn choose the thẻ of generals, battle system as well as arrange them in reasonable positions in the squad khổng lồ be able khổng lồ fight & fight. Make the best use of your power.

6. Equipment in the Great Sea Route

Each champion card will have 6 items of equipment including Hat, shirt, pants, shoes, blindfold và crystal stone. Except for the glass stone, the remaining 5 items of equipment can be upgraded by combining 3 similar items to cấp độ up or màn chơi up equipment.


Particularly for glass stones, gamers need to lớn use magic powder to màn chơi up lớn give their characters extremely powerful special stats.

7. Other Features

Floating Island: Players will build their own kingdom in the clouds with the main house, mineral mines, smelters, … & fight against the powerful bosses.

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Companion practice: Gamers receive special missions và need to lớn send appropriate character cards to be able khổng lồ fight and complete.

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