If you are looking for the easiest way to tải về and play the truthan.vn Arena demo Server, this article is definitely for you!

In this article, we are going khổng lồ so you the easiest way to tải về and play the thử nghiệm server of the game right on your phone/tablet or even on your PC with ease.

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If you are facing the Error 113 – Incorrect game Version, go khổng lồ the Application Manager then Clear tiện ích Data + Cache & you will be good!


If you are wondering why people looking for a way to lớn play on the kiểm tra server of truthan.vn Arena, here are some things you would want to know!

Why you might want to download truthan.vn Arena thử nghiệm Server:

You will be able to play and test the new trò chơi contents before everyone. You can test the new Heroes, events, or new game-modes before they’re getting released officially. You can also have an alternative trương mục here which helps you test strategies và team buildings before applying to your official account.

If You Are Using PC:

The Icon of the chạy thử Server looks different!

If you are playing truthan.vn Arena on PC, follow these simple steps lớn have access lớn the demo Server:


Click the download button above to tải về the apk file of the kiểm tra server.Open the file you have just downloaded. It should be named truthan.vn Arena_Test_Server_vx.xx.apkIt will be automatically installed on Bluestacks. Simply mở cửa Player & you will see it on the danh sách of available apps on your PC.Open it and start testing!

If you are using game android Phone/Tablet

If you are currently using và Android phone, you can also easily join the testing team of the game!

Download the app android file above.Open the app android file then press Install.If you face the issue “For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source.” Go to Setting > Security then kiểm tra the option Unknown sources to install the ứng dụng game.Enjoy playing as a tester!

What about quả táo devices?

We are so sorry. At the moment, only app android devices are supported to chạy thử the game. If you are an game ios user and still really want to thử nghiệm the trò chơi out, we strongly recommend you to lớn use the PC solution mentioned above khổng lồ enjoy this beta testing server.

Have fun!






Test vps Review

All About kiểm tra Server

Earlier truthan.vn was very popular, but today truthan.vn Arena sản phẩm điện thoại is making more noise. It is the concrete and next step in the Idle Games when we think in terms of title at least. Incremental or clicker or Idle games are top-rated since they allowed people khổng lồ play the games without worry much about serious repercussion & dealing with the games. When we consider the game, we can say that it plays itself. Here players can even go away from the keyboard và do not worry much about the game.

Of course, truthan.vn is nothing but Away From keyboard. This is an old school term which existed long before this mobile phone as well as mobile games. The trò chơi is developed by Lilith Games. He is the person who also originated Rise of Kingdoms, Art of Conquest, Soul Hunters, & even Dank Tanks.

A peep into the history

This Lilith game was founded in Shanghai in china in the year 2015. The game Soul Hunters by Lilith was a tremendous commercial success. This was one among the top-grossing trò chơi on phầm mềm Store a few years back. Along with this, there are many more titles which were listed among the top 10 in both Google Play and iTunes tiện ích Store. truthan.vn Arena is considered to be immersive even though it plays itself most of the times. The main reason behind this is highly attractive graphics & looks of this game. Compared to many other similar games, there is next màn chơi cartoonish style rather than usual fantasy style.

The word Arena in the title reveals that this is a battle arena. That also means that there is a hero collector. The best part of this trò chơi is its heroes. Another feature to be noted is the artwork và detailing in this trò chơi is incredible. The battle animations make us feel like sitting back and enjoy watching the game when it runs by itself.

The gameplay in this trò chơi is very decent, và this matches all the standards of arena games. The trò chơi runs even when the player turns it off. The player should try building his team và face the battles here. Both PvP, as well as PvE, are covered here along with many other challenges & quests as well as storyline campaigns. In this game, the players are considered as awarded resources like diamonds và gold. When we think in terms of gameplay, even the gear is a massive part in truthan.vn Arena.

In this game, heroes are leveled up slowly & continuously even when the player is not logged in. Hence the experience here is gained passively. Of course, when there is the active involvement of the player, each và everything will be taken up a notch. It is also possible khổng lồ slow down or speed up the trò chơi if needed to accommodate player’s own pace lớn follow the game unfolding. Along with many other things, even the many combat stuff & recruitment are also highly immersive. The most important thing is these need the player’s attention.

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Final Thoughts

The truthan.vn Arena test server has positive reviews, & this trò chơi showcases the entire experience which is gained by Lilith Games in these years. This trò chơi fits nicely with the targeted audience. The best part is it offers a lot and useful content.

truthan.vn is trying lớn be the biggest database of guides for all truthan.vn Arena players. If you want lớn join us on this journey, please contact us via truthan.vnguide<

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