When it comes lớn the Three Kingdoms, people think of not only a singular history, but also countless poems & novels. Through legends, literature & even people"s endless imagination, khổng lồ this day, works on the theme of the Three Kingdoms still maintain vigorous vitality. Moreover, its influence is not limited khổng lồ China, it is very popular throughout East Asia.

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At present, what makes this IP famous in the trò chơi industry are the "Three Kingdoms" series & "Three Kingdoms Warriors" series that japan gloriously launched. Many people feel that China, the birthplace of IP, has very few masterpieces.

In fact, in the stand-alone era, đài loan trung quốc has also made excellent games on the theme of the Three Kingdoms. "The Three Kingdoms" is an arcade game that carries the childhood memories of most children born in the 80s và 90s; in 2001, as the first Chinese trò chơi officially exhibited at E3, "The Three Kingdoms" also shined. All this shows that there is no shortage of good works on the theme of Three Kingdoms.


Many film và television works on the theme of the Three Kingdoms are familiar lớn people

But is this IP really worthless?

According to lớn the relevant calculation data of gamma data, as a whole, the number of chip core users of mobile game IP at this stage exceeds 150 million, and the number of general users exceeds 180 million. Among them, 60% of users pay a fixed monthly fee, & adult users spend 500 yuan a month. , Significantly ahead of non-IP users. This shows that IP users as a whole have a higher willingness & ability khổng lồ pay for smartphone game products.


The scale of mobile gatruthan.vng IP users is very impressive

Specifically, the "Three Kingdoms" IP has a potential value of more than 10 billion in the trò chơi field. The value of the Three Kingdoms IP in the Chinese trò chơi market may reach 100 billion yuan. It has to lớn be said that this is a huge treasure.


The popularity of the IP of the Three Kingdoms is still quite promising

Many second-tier manufacturers in china have also begun to lớn explore this IP. NetEase"s "Side Land" & Youzu Network"s "Juvenile Three Kingdoms" have achieved good results, becotruthan.vng the leaders in the SLG field và the card field. Alibaba Games" "Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition" is supported by the glorious authorized IP và has remained in the vị trí cao nhất 10 quả táo best-selling các mục since its launch. In the first quarter of this year, "Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition" ranked fifth in the global mobile game revenue rankings.


"Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition" ranks among the best in smartphone game revenue

The success of these games lies in allowing players khổng lồ get more freshness & satisfaction from the playing process. "Dream of the Three Kingdoms" of Hangzhou Electric Soul Network is exploring and thinking about this problem. The production team has taken a new path with the innovative khung of MOBA và RPG.

Veteran players who lượt thích MOBA gameplay are not unfamiliar with the end game of "Dream Three Kingdoms". At that time, "Dream Three Kingdoms" in the "Three Kingdoms" of the domestic MOBA game, relying on the balanced và fair kiến thiết of the game, finally won the competition with "Qifan Three Kingdoms" and "Tianyi Jue" & became the successor lớn "LOL" và "DOTA2".>The third pole of MOBA. Later, as more và more players lượt thích RPG gameplay, the "Dream Three Kingdoms" production team also added more novel RPG chơi game to meet the needs of players, và continued to lớn provide players with interesting content.


The mechanism of combining MOBA and RPG adopted by "Dream Three Kingdoms" was quite novel at the time.

As the mobile game market has grown, the way players play has changed. In order lớn comply with the new requirements of the players, the "Dream Three Kingdoms" production team launched "Dream Three Kingdoms điện thoại Games".


"Dream Three Kingdoms di động Game" will definitely bring a lot of nostalgia khổng lồ the old players of the tertruthan.vnal game

In addition khổng lồ the perfect reproduction of the tertruthan.vnal game play of "Dream of the Three Kingdoms", the team of "Dream of the Three Kingdoms" is also constantly exploring & changing in the face of increasingly segmented user markets & user changes in usage scenarios.

For competitive players who like PVP, you can experience fair competition in the 5V5 mode of "Dream Three Kingdoms mobile Games", and players who lượt thích big scenes can also experience exciting multiplayer fast-paced confrontation from the 10V10 mode.

For players who lượt thích to cooperate to challenge the PVE gameplay, they can experience the classic battles of the Three Kingdoms in the copy mode of "Dream Three Kingdoms điện thoại Games", such as the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Dong Zhuo"s rebellion, và the heroes chasing the deer, or challenge 100 floors with friends to lớn try lớn surpass yourself The limit.


"Dream Three Kingdoms di động Games" provides players with multiple ways khổng lồ play

It can be seen that the reason why the Three Kingdoms trò chơi can be loved by players is not only based on the theme of the Three Kingdoms, but more importantly, the nội dung and gameplay that can keep players fresh for a long time. The "Dream of the Three Kingdoms" mobile game successfully combines the theme of the Three Kingdoms with diversified MOBA chơi game to be able to lớn dotruthan.vnate in the fierce market competition.

Nowadays, "Dream Three Kingdoms thiết bị di động Game" has not stopped its pace of innovation. This can be seen from the version updated on July 14th for the second anniversary.

In terms of the game, new heroes with exquisite design và interesting skills have been added to lớn the game, such as "Star Gazer" Zhuge Liang, "Nine Heaven Lei Zun" Ma Chao và so on.


The addition of new heroes enriches the game

On the other hand, the game also added new gameplay modes, "Clone Wars" và "Imperial city Contest".

In the "Clone War", the Chinese teams can only choose the same nhân vật to play against, and experience the peculiar scenes of 5 Liu Bei & 5 Sima Yi.


Clone Wars allows the same heroes to lớn team up

In the "Imperial thành phố Contest" gameplay, players compete in a 10V10 mode. Unlike the traditional tower push mode, the "Imperial city Contest" mode starts with a nhân vật level of 25. The sign of victory is not lớn push the tower, but the number of kills of the team first reaches 15 within 3 truthan.vnutes. Players need to chiến tranh with opponents in a powerful posture at the beginning of the game, and experience the most intense team battle within 3 truthan.vnutes.

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At present, "Dream Three Kingdoms điện thoại Game" has also gone through two years

The love of the Three Kingdoms will last forever. "Dream Three Kingdoms mobile Games" will continue to serve the players who accompany the road with more innovative gameplay, and will also inject new vitality into the games of the Three Kingdoms theme.