The Suicide Squad: Why Harley Quinn Has Changed So Much With Harley Quinn"s return in James Gunn"s The Suicide Squad, the character has changed a lot since she first joined the DCEU back in 2016.

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Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad Movies and Birds of Prey
James Gunn"s The Suicide Squad shows how Harley Quinn is one of the characters that have evolved the most in the DCEU since her debut in David Ayer"s Suicide Squad. While many know her as the Joker"s iconic partner in crime, the DCEU has made it clear that Harley is much more than that. After the first Task Force X film introduced Margot Robbie"s iteration of the iconic character, Birds of Prey began a new chapter in Harley"s life, seeing her develop independence and begin to exist outside of the Joker"s shadow. Now, The Suicide Squad proves that Harley has come a long way since her transformation from the psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel and the Queen of Gotham City"s underworld lớn a fully self-sufficient anti-hero who"s able to khung strong relationships and cut off those who affect her negatively.

While David Ayer"s Suicide Squad was not looked upon favorably, Robbie"s portrayal of the beloved villainess was still hugely well-receivedWhen Harley first came on to the scene, she was similar to lớn the version of the character when she was first introduced via Batman cartoons - energetic và unpredictable, but a character whose larger personal arc was still attached to Jared Leto"s Joker, and whose motivations almost entirely revolved around him. The 2016 Suicide Squad movie ended with the Joker breaking out Harley out of prison, suggesting their toxic relationship would continue. However, her two following appearances subverted this set-up.

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Despite how Suicide Squad ended, Harley Quinn"s emancipation became a key theme of Birds of Prey, which was set after her off-screen breakup with the Clown Prince of Crime. And with this new independence, naturally, came a huge evolution in character, as the Harley Quinn the DCEU began khổng lồ be motivated by her own interests - which occasionally involves doing deeds that could arguably be considered heroic. On đứng đầu of her newfound autonomy, Harley struck up a friendly alliance with other similar anti-heroes such as đen Canary và Huntress, who unlike most of Harley"s acquaintances up lớn that point, weren"t willing to lớn attack her as soon as they had the chance.

The Suicide Squad presented the same reckless Harley DC fans know và love, but it"s clear that she is a more complex character now. Corto Maltese President Silvio Luna captured Harley in order to lớn propose to her — & improve his public image, as his people see her as an anti-American icon. Although Harley genuinely found Luna somewhat sweet & attractive, his plans to implant an authoritarian regime on the country through shady practices led her to lớn murder him without a hint of hesitation. According to her, she will no longer ignore these "red flags" after her previous abusive relationships only resulted in suffering.

Harley Quinn"s character arc was necessary. Although Harley owes her origin story to the Joker, her on-screen empowerment proves that nobody is shackled to lớn a specific person or to their own past — not even a Batman villain who may or may not have had a hand in Robin"s death. Harley has plenty of evil deeds in her record, but her emancipation from the Joker is a considerable victory she can be proud of. It doesn"t change the foundations of her character. On the contrary, it allows her khổng lồ be the same charmingly insane anti-hero she"s always been, only with more freedom. She now possesses a far stronger moral code, even if that doesn"t ultimately stop her from mowing down dozens of adversaries in cold blood.

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Each of Harley Quinn"s DCEU appearances has also shown a subtle look at Harley"s innermost desires & insecurities. 2016"s Suicide Squad included a dream sequence (caused by Enchantress" powers) where Harley witnessed a more normal life with the Joker. In Birds of Prey, Harley betrayed stavrou Cain only khổng lồ make it up khổng lồ her & form "Harley Quinn and Associates." In the Suicide Squad, it"s suggested Harley sees the world as a cartoonified version of reality. These details emphasize Harley"s nuanced psyche và prove that she isn"t just a clown-themed, one-note sociopath. Certainly, it will be exciting to see how different Harley Quinn is when she returns in her next appearance after The Suicide Squad.

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