Last year I received a new MMO trò chơi that I was going to lớn review. But it wasn’t a normal “cash grabber” of the genre, this time I had the pleasure khổng lồ experience the highly anticipated Korean game, Kingdom under Fire 2.

Name: Kingdom under Fire 2Developer: Phantagram, BluesidePublisher: GameforgeReleased: 18.11.2019Platforms: PCReviewed on: PCAcquired: A copy of this trò chơi was provided by a advertiser for review purpose


Kingdom Under Fire 2’s story continues right after the events in Circle of Doom for those who have played the previous title. Those who haven’t, Circle of Doom took place in an alternate dimension of the games’ antagonist, Encablossa. It continues the story of the Kingdom Under Fire universe, 150 years after Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

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The story also features the return of The Human Alliance & Dark Legion plus a new faction – the Encablossians – whose aim is lớn reassert the cycle of light và dark ages by destroying the current Age of Light, which has already run far beyond its natural course. This faction is led by Regnier (from previous Kingdom Under Fire titles) who allied himself with Encablossa during the time he was stranded in the Dark Dimension (as depicted in Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom). Whilst other heroes from previous titles may return, Including Kendal who in the Dark Dimension underwent a mutation, but is able khổng lồ control himself still. He is now out to lớn stop Regnier from being the only person powerful enough lớn stop him due to his mutation strength.


Main characters

Kendal: is an Ecclesian & has strong faith in the tenets of his faith. He uses a hammer & mace và will no doubt use them in Kingdom Under Fire II. Now with a mutation, Kendal is powerful & his strength rivals that of Regnier’s.

Regnier: has mutated & his appearance has changed. He is much bigger and stronger than his former self & his powers match that of his former self, however, they are more devastating now. Regnier can now overpower ogres completely, he uses a massive sword.

Glen: Son of Gerald, Glen is quarter-elf so he lives longer than Humans, it is because of this that Humans have come to lớn hate him because he outlives them. Glen joined the army where he could be at home and his skills appreciated.

It is pretty clear that this title has been in development since 2008, the narrative isn’t always an easy task to keep track of as well as the English dub version of voice acting isn’t exactly top-notch. But putting that stereotypical Asian/English voice acting aside, we’re presented a decent storyline.

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Having in mind that this game has been in development since 2008, it surely holds up the graphical part nicely. Character models look great, environmental graphics and lighting look amazing. If I start to compare it with other titles released or will release later this year, it sure shows that this is an “old” title, but it holds up great. Just look at the new release of World of Warcraft Classic.