The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is one of the main characters in the One Piece manga, joining the crew during the Baratie arc. Although his main job is cooking, Sanji isn't just a cook. He's an exceptionally powerful fighter who is capable of beating some of the most dangerous people in the One Piece world.RELATED: Things The One Piece Anime Does Better Than The Manga

Sanji's skill is such that he ranks among the strongest of the Straw Hat Pirates, after Luffy & Zoro, in a group called the quái thú Trio. During the timeskip, he improved both his cooking & his fighting skills.

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8 Armament Haki


By training with the people of Momoiro Island, Sanji was able to tap into the skill of Armament Haki at some point during the timeskip. Unlike Luffy & Zoro, he didn't need to lớn have this skill drilled into him. In fact, Sanji had no teacher during the timeskip. He had to fight his way through all adversities and get stronger.

In the process, Sanji awakened Armament Haki. Its usage was shown khổng lồ the fans on several occasions after the timeskip. When Judge, Sanji's biological father, saw him capable of wielding Haki, he was surprised at how strong he'd become.


Due to lớn constantly being on the run in the fight against Ivankov and his people, Sanji managed khổng lồ awaken Observation Haki as well. This is his strongest Haki type and in the Straw Hat Pirates, nobody can use its many applications as well as him, other than arguably Luffy.

Observation Haki allows Sanji lớn detect the presence of people and even sense their intent, power levels, và most importantly, true emotions. Sanji was able khổng lồ tell Viola's true nature by just looking at her in the Dressrosa arc. In the Punk Hazard arc, Sanji heard the tear of a woman fall from miles away & came to her rescue immediately after.


Sanji only has two types of Haki so far, however, he definitely has it in him to lớn unlock Conqueror's Haki as well. Nonetheless, for now, Sanji doesn't have this nguồn but certainly does know what it does. RELATED: Best Anime khổng lồ Watch If You Love One Piece

After seeing Luffy use Conqueror's Haki on Fishman Island, Sanji was able lớn immediately tell what nguồn he used, meaning he learned a great giảm giá khuyến mãi about it on Momoiro Island. Along with him, Zoro could also recognize the ability and he went on to lớn gain it in the Wano Country arc.


During the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji managed to tap into his latent powers & gain a nguồn known as Diable Jambe. Simply put, this nguồn allows Sanji to lớn set his foot on fire by increasing its temperature, making his kicks faster & much more powerful. During the timeskip, Sanji trained his legs to lớn become much stronger and gained the ability to set both of them on fire instead of just one.

What's more, Sanji's legs started lớn produce more fire và burned much hotter. When combined with Armament Haki, Sanji was even able to break a Pacifista's neck with ease, something that he couldn't vì before the timeskip.


The full potential of Sanji's Diable Jambe nguồn was seen during the Fishman Island arc when he fought against Wadatsumi, a Wuton. After remembering the pain that he went through on Momoiro Island, Sanji's anger fuelled his flames even further and made him much more powerful.

In fact, Sanji's entire toàn thân was mix on fire after remembering his hardships and using this power, he was able khổng lồ defeat Wadatsumi in a single blow with Hell Memories. Evidently, Hell Memories becomes stronger the angrier Sanji is. On Onigashima, Sanji used it against Queen the Plague once again và sent even him flying without much trouble.

Going back to lớn Momoiro Island once again, Sanji was chased by the New Kamas and, in order lớn win his battle with them, he eventually started to lớn fly instead of running using the Sky Walk. This technique is very similar khổng lồ the CP9's Moon Walk but appears khổng lồ be much faster.RELATED: One Piece: Characters Who Deserve Higher Bounties

After learning Sky Walk, Sanji made fighting aerially his forte, as mentioned by him during his fight against Judge. On Fishman Island, Sanji took down countless enemies from the Sky using Poele a Frire: Spectre from the sky.

What mostly sets Sky Walk apart from Moon Walk is the fact that it can also be used underwater. Sanji calls this technique blue Walk. It was first demonstrated by him on the way lớn Fishman Island. As noted by Usopp, blue Walk makes Sanji move in the water like a Fishman, if not faster.

Not everybody can use this technique as competently as Sanji simply because the pressure underwater would crush them. Sanji was able to lớn perform it at 5000 meters underwater, which was said lớn be enough khổng lồ crush a submarine with ease.

After Sanji won his battle against Ivankov và his people, he was taught the Attack Cuisine by him, as promised. Unlike any other food, Attack Cuisine makes those who eat it much stronger, as noted by Sanji himself.

These dishes are what made the inhabitants of Momoiro Island strong as they are. To lớn strengthen the crew, Sanji had lớn win these abilities from Ivankov. By defeating 99 New Kama Kenpo masters và avoiding becoming one of them, Sanji effectively won his battle & learned everything about this power. So far, he's used two of the 99 recipes in the story.

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