PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại Pro League - Southeast Asia is a PUBG mobile professional league in

Southeast Asia. The league features the best teams from 2020 SEA Leagues & SEA Wildcard held by Tencent Games. The Split will culminate at the PUBG mobile World League 2020: East.

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Pro League Southeast Asia Season 1: May 1st - 3rd, 2020Event postponed from April 18th - 19th due lớn COVID-19.Squad TPP, 16 teams:Total 15 matches, 5 matches each day.AllocationsTop 2 4* teams qualified for PUBG thiết bị di động World League 2020 - East *(Revised)

Prize Pool

$150,000 USD are spread among the teams and players as seen below: $500 USD are given lớn the winner of each match.

Place $ USD SeedTeam
$32,500PMWL 2020: East Yoodo Gank
$20,500PMWL 2020: East Bigetron RA
$16,000PMWL 2020: East King of Gamers Club
$11,000PMWL 2020: East RRQ Athena
5th$9,500PMWL 2020: East Team Secret
6th$8,500PMWL 2020: East Morph Team
7th$7,000- TalenT
8th$6,500- ILLUMINATE The Murder
9th$4,000- Orange Esports.CG
10th$4,500- Yangon Galacticos
11th$4,000- BadBoy
12th$4,500- Bigetron AROV
13th$2,000- Golden Cat
14th$2,000- Box Gaming
15th$2,000- Blacklist International
16th$2,000- ONIC Esports

Award $ USD PlayerTeam
Gunkiller Player $5,000
Yoodo Gank

Award $ USDTeam
Most Popular Team $3,000 RRQ Athena
Most Popular Team $3,000 Box Gaming
Most Popular Team $3,000 Yoodo Gank
Most Popular Team $3,000 Bigetron RA

 RRQ Athena

1. YOODO284120151557559322482212012124888131222147712010107588120181866771218812015157577
2. BTR RA18721499843384225755939984445722847766339311930012022228444575521477
3. KOG18610211120171716122120994810101312221488121001311113133661121455481212848810244
4. RRQ Ath174935521488120141421499750012011116633111117599841157551110014100932215111
5. TS1665733936613111669931044121114822161112149912015158422845521455121448411
6. MRPH14412111131336633102552143310233310131314111121442147716100102441020075111201414
7. TalenT1301510031044488831011840075441022266228422102223103348333101148225711
8. iLMN TM1288433141442143313133161115711120101031077575516111151221412211133111556622
9. Orange122310331021131044840014111310661610048444833151001021157116611663331088
10. YG117131001111175111211110244214441511157229322482213100161001201414214229311
11. BadBoy981116648115755750011100151118422932210211572221455755575001612212111
12. BTR AROV8248110000111001611113111141119333120151514144111661411113111151001410013166
13. GC8114100663312144934466666633754413111151111212212122121229344151004800
14. BOX7875447500141221511112133161111212215100111113105548771511157001022216133

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16. ONIC6516133151111022211122570011144111227566161116611111449311131111311114133