"Record Of Ragnarok" Chapter 50 will be much intense as Buddha & Zerofuku will take their fight to lớn another level. (Photo: Nicholas Moreau, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Fans are about to lớn see more of Zerofuku"s Hajun size in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 50. After the God of Misfortune asked for Buddha"s help, Beelzebub intervened và changed his character.

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"Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 50 is expected to lớn pick up from the previous chapter"s major cliffhanger. As this is believed lớn be the endgame, a much-intense fight may happen.

More revelations may happen in the next chapter. Someone is maybe trying lớn manipulate Zero after he asked for Buddha"s help.

Buddha seems khổng lồ be a changed man - teasing there is more to his character than being known as the self-centered freak. Though he is known for being someone who does what he wants, he is actually doing just the right thing.

Anyhow, by the looks of it, something will happen in the next installment that will push him to his limits. Elsewhere, Recent Highlights noted some parasitic creatures are hidden inside Zero"s horns.

When these unknown creatures act up, a twin long shoots out from his body. This consumes Zero to size what looks like a cocoon.

Hajun, also known as the Demon Lord of Sixth Heaven, has appeared through Zero"s toàn thân and it scares not just Buddha but everyone. The real battle between the two will just begin in "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 50 and everyone needs khổng lồ see who will win.

Many believe Zero"s transformation has something to bởi vì with Beelzebub, knowing he is a fighter for the gods & said the netherworld"s horns have resulted in Hajun"s arrival.

So, is he the one who is trying to manipulate Zero? What does he have to bởi with this turn of events?

In "Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 49, fans witnessed the continuation of Buddha & Zero"s fight. Buddha looked calm throughout the fight, while Zero appeared worried about his defeat, The Anime Daily reported.

Every time he would lose, he would wallow in self-pity and his ax would get bigger. Despite that, Buddha realized Zero"s growing ax could vì chưng more damage.

Anyhow, Buddha paused khổng lồ console Zero - saying his misery was the result of his loss. He then advised him that if he would resort lớn self-love, his nguồn could exponentially increase.

As Zero seemed khổng lồ have a change of heart, Beelzebub stepped in và turned Zero into a Hajun. From here, Chapter 49 ended with a major cliffhanger.

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"Record of Ragnarok" Chapter 50 will be released Sunday, July 25. The manga releases every month & there are no words if it will have a break this time.