In Resident Evil 2, players are stalked by Mr. X, whose relentless pursuit of his target makes him one of the scariest villains in gaming.

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The long-enduring Resident Evil series has exposed gamers khổng lồ a slew of enemies and villains that successfully up the fear factor. The slow-moving zombies of Raccoon đô thị may be easy to lớn outrun, but when dealing with them in narrow hallways và cluttered offices, the zombies can quickly swarm players, leaving them with no path lớn safety. Resident Evil Village introduced the frenzied Lycans that are terrifying khổng lồ encounter and difficult to lớn kill. Of all the mutants and zombies that have made an appearance in the series, perhaps none are as memorable & terrifying as Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X.

In Resident Evil 2, players first encounter Mr. X while exploring Raccoon thành phố Police Department, & he remains a threat for much of the trò chơi afterward. With his silver skin, long trench coat, & blood-freezing stare, Mr. X feels like he was designed khổng lồ frighten anyone unfortunate enough to lớn cross his path. He is an unstoppable stalker, & his relentless pursuit of players has made him one of gaming’s most iconic và terrifying villains.

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Who is Mr. X?


Raccoon city is trang chủ to a large company called the Umbrella Corporation. The business operates in many sectors, but its main work is something it keeps a secret. Scientists at Umbrella Corporation create biological weapons for militaries around the world, & they eventually venture into making human bio-organic weapons called Tyrants. This is made possible using the T-Virus along with some cloning.

Although its first few attempts at making Tyrants prove lớn be less than ideal, Umbrella Corporation strikes gold with the T-103 series. Tyrants from this series are very powerful, but they still retain enough intelligence to be sent on missions that require complex tasks. Mr. X is a Tyrant from the T-103 series, and he proves just how deadly Umbrella Corporation's abominations are.

Mr. X is stoic, & he does not allow himself khổng lồ be stopped by anything when he is pursuing a goal. He shows great intelligence, as seen by the way he carefully combs over the police department when searching for his target. He also displays an odd attachment khổng lồ his fedora, & if it is knocked off, he will stop everything he is doing to lớn pick it up.

In Resident Evil 2’s remake, Mr. X makes an appearance in both Claire Redfield’s campaign and Leon Kennedy’s campaign. They cross paths with the Tyrant in the police department, & they are forced to giảm giá khuyến mãi with the seemingly invincible enemy while solving puzzles và gathering resources. Wherever players go, they can be certain that Mr. X may be lurking around the corner, ready to strike. As the trò chơi progresses, Mr. X mutates, eventually turning into a gross boss that is even more equipped lớn kill.


Mr. X is one of the most terrifying enemies not just in the Resident Evil series, but in gaming too. Part of what makes Mr. X such a terrifying villain is his appearance. He marches around with an emotionless expression, his gaze is void of any warmth, & his smart attire makes it appear as though lớn him, murder is nothing but a bit of business he must take care of.

His kiến thiết veers into the uncanny valley due to how he almost looks human but falls just shy of it. He has two human-like eyes, but their coldness makes it seem as though he possesses no empathy or emotions. He has a face & a toàn thân like a human, but his skin is a strange shade of silver. All of this gives Mr. X a creepy, sinister appearance that successfully makes anyone looking his way get goosebumps.

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The terror he induces is also caused by the way he pursues players. Mr. X does not run or behave frantically. Instead, he stalks his prey lượt thích a predator, listening carefully for any sounds his target might make. Players can hear his footsteps as he roams the police department, serving as a constant reminder that a relentless Tyrant is on the hunt.

According khổng lồ Kazunori Kadoi, who is Resident Evil 2’s director, Mr. X’s heavy footsteps could not be created using human footsteps because they vày not have the right màn chơi of impact. Hence, a mixture of sounds was used. Players will find themselves facing Mr. X soon if they make noise because he is always listening out. As Kadoi explains, “gunfire will catch his attention the most” but other loud actions lượt thích running will also alert Mr. X to the player’s whereabouts.

Perhaps the scariest part of Mr. X is how he is nearly invincible. When dealing with zombies, things can get hairy, but having a gun can help thin out the crowd. There is a sizable array of weapons available, and with experience, it is possible lớn figure out which guns work best for which enemies. Mr. X poses a different problem altogether. Unlike the other enemies that players face in the police department, Mr. X cannot be killed with bullets or knives. Once has his target in his sights, he is an unstoppable wall of death. His imperviousness khổng lồ bullets elicits a feeling of helplessness in players, as they have nothing to defend themselves with once the Tyrant is close enough.

Although Mr. X is a deadly foe, gamers appreciate his quality design, & he has easily become one of the most recognizable antagonists in the Resident Evil series. As such, plenty of mods have been made for the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2’s remake. Some serve khổng lồ enhance Mr. X or make him an even more challenging opponent. Others, however, take a more comical approach, with some mods turning Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine or playing DMX music whenever Mr. X is on screen. While plenty of other villains in the series have managed khổng lồ provide lots of scares, none managed to constantly maintain an atmosphere of anxiety & fear the way Mr. X has.

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Resident Evil 2's remake is available now on PC, PS4, và Xbox One.

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