to lớn truly understand why Iron Man is perhaps one of the biggest và most important franchises of all time, it's important to lớn start with the actor himself. Robert Downey Jr.

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is a Hollywood veteran và icon. He's been around the block, so to speak, but when he came on screen as Tony Stark, despite initial backlash from critics and fans alike, it was a sign lớn all of Hollywood that Marvel was on the verge of something incredible — & they couldn't wait for more.

The best actor of his generation. That's what people hotline him. Downey is an actor with the ability to play anything from a comedy to lớn roles in dramas with devastating accuracy & precision. The guy knows how to lớn pick a movie. Looking at his performances that aren't Iron Man, it's immediately apparent the màn chơi of skill he possesses as an actor. That being said, Tony Stark is definitively Robert Downey Jr.'s best role — here's why.

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Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel Studios
When you think of Robert Downey Jr., you're likely to lớn think of his portrayal of Tony Stark. This is unsurprising: Downey has played the character in seven movies, & in fact, the actor and character are so closely linked that it's hard lớn disentangle them! In many ways, the two are alike. They both have a dark past and struggle with their inner demons, and they are both intelligent and passionate about technology. More than that, they both have a family who loves them. But most importantly, they're both incredibly talented people who can make you believe anything.

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When Robert Downey Jr. Was cast as Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie in 2008, many fans were skeptical that the actor could take on the role of a beloved superhero. After all, Downey's career had been plagued with legal issues và drug problems since he began acting in the 80s. Prior to lớn kick-starting the MCU, he'd only recently begun khổng lồ revitalize his career, with films lượt thích Wonder BoysZodiac under his belt. But when Iron Man hit theaters, it became clear that RDJ was the perfect person lớn play Tony Stark. Indeed, Downey made a late-career comeback with Iron Man.

Marvel Studios
When Iron Man came out in 2008, critics noted that he had the perfect blend of charm và charisma, & that his performance as Stark was hilarious và wise-cracking. Through the years, & across multiple MCU movies, from the Iron Man trilogy to the Avengers franchise, we've seen Tony Stark evolve from an eccentric weapons manufacturer lớn a nhân vật who puts others first. We've seen him overcome his mistakes and develop meaningful relationships with the people around him, including Pepper Potts, James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), Peter Parker (Tom Holland), and even Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), despite their differences. We've watched him discover what it means lớn be part of a team, learn how to lớn compromise, và grow into a leader who is willing khổng lồ make sacrifices for the sake of others.

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Iron Man Was the Spark for The Avengers Franchise

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As of 2019, Downey has appeared in multiple MCU movies: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk (which he has a cameo in), Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. In many ways, he was the spark that started it all. Downey Jr.’s casting as Stark in the original Iron Man was a major risk for Marvel Studios. Not just because Downey's past unfortunately made him seen as a liability by studio execs, but also because the superhero genre wasn't the box office draw it is today. Aside from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy và the original X-Men films, superhero movies weren't taken all too seriously. Iron Man, being the first MCU movie at the time, was a gamble. A big part of its huge pay-off, of course, was Downey's performance as the titular character.

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Tony Stark is the personification of Robert Downey Jr.'s life—a brilliant man who has descended into darkness and then risen again. Like Downey, Stark's genius takes him to places that are hard for most people to understand. It's no surprise, then, that Downey was so drawn lớn this role: it's one where he can dig into his own past and use it as a tool rather than letting it drag him down. Just as Tony emerged victorious throughout much of the Infinity Saga, so too has Downey.