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I’ve played my fair nội dung of games that made me cringe, both in execution and in content. Nhật bản knows how lớn make me cringe the best. They also know how to lớn make great playing games. This is the reason why I’m torn. You see, I played Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on my PC, and had an absolute blast playing it. At the same time, playing this trò chơi is an embarrassing thing. If you look at a few screenshots of the game, you’ll see why.

Shinovi Versus is a brawler trò chơi where players control high school girls as they beat the crap out of random enemies và a boss khủng that is also a high school girl. I can’t really tell you about the story because I honestly skipped most of the dialog because of the content that is here, which is bad for me because the nội dung that is in the actual gameplay is even worse. At the same time though, that game play is really well done.


Platforms: PC, VitaMSRP: $26.99Price I’d pay: $20

Think of Senran Kagura as a Dynasty Warriors lite. Instead of a ton of enemies on screen with a large bản đồ to traverse, there are only a few enemies on screen and the maps plays out much more like a standard level. I make the Dynasty Warriors comparison due to lớn the actual combat. Attacks come in weak and heavy depending on the button pressed. New combos can be used depending on the timing & alteration of button presses, each character levels up that then makes them both stronger & learn new combos, there are powerful super attacks the require a gauge to be filled that will vày major damage, và much more that make the trò chơi feel like a DW game while being its own thing.

What really makes this game strange & questionable at times is the mechanics of transforming into powerful forms. During a battle, players and the AI will initiate a transformation that makes their characters’ attack và defense skyrocket as well as fully heal them. Doing so means the player is treated to a quick cut scene where, in Sailor Moon fashion, the girls magically strip down to lớn nothing then equip a more powerful costume. On vị trí cao nhất of that, when taking damage or giving damage out khổng lồ others, the characters’ clothes begin to rip apart until they are down to pretty much underwear/nothing. All this is done while the physics for the girls’ body parts are bouncing in every direction. Yeah, it’s, well, uncomfortable.

The thing is, I actually really lượt thích this game. It plays great. The combo system mixed with the fast-paced action with air dashes, super moves, & endless combos is really fun khổng lồ pull off. Sure, the camera feels a bit too close for the fast-paced action, but overall this is a blast khổng lồ actually play. The controls feel tight and responsive và really helps balance the action.

On vị trí cao nhất of all this, there are tons of things khổng lồ unlock- new costumes khổng lồ show off the girls’ assets (god, I just made that joke), new moves lớn try out, a gallery, & much more. The customization options are actually really vast. Oh, & many of these risqué cut scenes can be turned off in the menus. Of course, it doesn’t stop the jiggling physics in the game, but it actually helps with the flow of combat when turning off those mid-game cut scenes.


While I played most of the missions on normal difficulty, it wasn’t a cake walk every time. It seems lượt thích there were some missions that were just more difficult for some reason. It doesn’t help matters when while I can stun-lock an enemy until they’re dead, the AI can vì the very same thing khổng lồ me. Multiple times while playing, I got decimated & wasn’t even able to lớn pull off a transformation lớn regain my health & composure. The bust counter can help with this stun-locking issue, but not always.

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Is this trò chơi strange? Yes. Is it overly sexualized? Absolutely. Did it make me not want anyone lớn see me playing it? You bet. The most important thing, though- is it fun khổng lồ play? It sure is. The kích hoạt is something that I enjoyed far more than a Warriors game, and the full bộ system was both fun khổng lồ execute as well as flashy enough khổng lồ enjoy watching unfold. The controls help matters with its fluid style và tight movement. Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is a trò chơi that is difficult to lớn recommend to lớn people due to its content, but if you’re not fazed by that, you’re going to get a fun action game that rivals them all. If only they had a version of this game that didn’t feature jiggly breasts & constant unclothing schoolgirls.