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Sword Art Online black Swordsman: Ace
Bandai Namco

Sword Art Online đen Swordsman: Ace apk is an MMORPG game inspired by the famous manga series of the same name, Sword Art Online. The game will be released on mobile platforms in June 2021. In the game, you will play as an adventure hero warrior & fight in the magical xuất hiện world.

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Introduce about Sword Art Online black Swordsman: Ace

Introduce about Sword Art Online đen Swordsman: Ace

Immerse yourself in the epic virtual reality world!

The plot

This is one of the most anticipated điện thoại games of 2021 which is inspired by the famous Japanese light manga series: Sword Art Online. The story takes place in the future context, where VR-MMO virtual reality games will have been extremely developed, allowing players to use VR devices to lớn control everything according to their will and feeling of the body.


In addition, the game also allows you to lớn change many different perspectives, at any time và anywhere. In front of you is literally a vast 3d scene where you can zoom in on the enemy or look down from above lớn see the battle clearly.

You can choose between PvP và PvE combat mode. Both modes allow the use of skills khổng lồ perform different full bộ attacks lớn fight enemies. You will be supported with simulated navigation keys on the left & skill, weapons clusters on the right khổng lồ freely coordinate and use.

The visual và sound

The distinctive feature of this RPG game is the digital visual design. It creates open, majestic, dreamy scenes that make anyone let their soul fly. This is also the main reason that Sword Art Online đen Swordsman: Ace has been compared as a heavyweight opponent of Genshin Impact who was so successful last year.

Character creation in this trò chơi is heavily influenced by Anime animation, with vivid, vibrant colors và soft, gentle lines. The character itself is very attractive, from the physique khổng lồ the appearance & flexible lines when performing the movements of walking, running, attacking, và defending.


As a virtual reality-style game, the time và weather in each context are also changed to lớn resemble real-time, making every interaction between the character and the trò chơi world, between the game and the player, become so close. Sometimes you can’t even tell if you’re playing a trò chơi or watching a real movie unfold in front of your eyes.

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All the 3d quintessence seems to lớn be poured into this virtual reality open-world game. From shading technology, physical effects, & interactive effects between the characters & the landscape in the game are done in a sophisticated, beautiful, & surprisingly realistic way.

Download Sword Art Online black Swordsman: Ace android for Android

With all these features and novelties, this trò chơi promises to lớn bring endless fighting scenes in a diverse & extremely xuất hiện world of adventure. I believe điện thoại games from now on will have many new steps. Download Sword Art Online đen Swordsman: Ace to lớn play now to enjoy this artistic wonder!