The Walking Dead prepares lớn march lớn war in the penultimate episode of season 7. Here is our review!

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Meanwhile, there’s the Dwight twist at the over of the episode, which will probably play into Negan’s inevitable demise. We’ve spent a lot of time with the scowling henchmen this season, và I’m glad it’s finally paid off. I really hated how the first few episodes weren’t consistent about Dwight. One episode he was conflicted about his duties to lớn Negan và the next he was just a cackling lackey. Sherry’s escape và letter finally put things in perspective for Dwight, though, & it looks like he’ll help Rick get the upperhand on the Sanctuary next season. Hopefully, we’ll get a more interesting angle on the character now that he’s turning over a new leaf. Or is he faking?

The second half of the season has really benefited from giving less of a fuck about adapting the comics, a dependency that really hurt how the writers handled Negan among other things. Jadis và the garbage men (best band name ever) are a prime example of the writers having a little fun with the show, creating a new faction that is both wholly original and fits in with the overall mythology of the show. The time we’ve spent in Oceanside this season is also a welcome surprise, as well. 

While Oceanside is from the comics, it’s never really been fleshed out by Kirkman, & it looks the show’s really found an interesting way to lớn exploit that. The return lớn Oceanside isn’t quite as explosive as I expected. I assumed there would be a casualty tonight – maybe even Tara for breaking her promise. Or perhaps Natania, the leader of the settlement, who refused lớn join Rick in his war against Negan. 

The relatively peaceful theft (what else can you call it?) of guns does mean that there’s a chance that we’ll see more extended visits to lớn Oceanside. I’d love to lớn see this particular settlement again. The Walking Dead has no shortage of strong female characters, and I have a feeling lượt thích Oceanside will soon be looking for a new leader. Oceanside might be the kind of place where Carol would thrive, for example.

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A note on the Oceanside zombies: they’re really gross & awesome. Greg Nicotero never ceases lớn amaze when it comes make-up effects, và tonight’s barnacle zombies were just great. I kind of wish they’d posed a larger threat khổng lồ Oceanside, but it was just great khổng lồ get these particular horrors just the same. 

Alright, so The Walking Dead continues its streak of episodes that don’t make me want khổng lồ get mauled by walkers. Can the show keep it up in the finale? I honestly don’t know how next week’s episode is going to go. There isn’t really a sense that anything BIG is going khổng lồ happen. I would expect at least some kind of scuffle between the Alexandrians và the Saviors, just enough to lớn ignite next season’s war. And what of the Kingdom? Will we see all of these settlements join in on the bloodshed in the finale? The only wrong thing the show could do is draw things out until the season 8 premiere. Give us a fight. Make it only the beginning. 

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