I still think V naming full-demon Vergil "Urizen" because he's "your reason" is the dumbest thing to lớn ever come out of this franchise, but what vì I know?
By Andrew Farrell December 16, 2020

When the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5 was announced, it wasn’t a huge surprise. After all, the third và fourth games got one. What was surprising was that PC players wouldn’t get it, just lượt thích with DmC. So, no, we don’t get turbo mode or the new difficulty. However, we dget Vergil, which is what I wanted the most to begin with, so it’s not all bad. The Vergil DLC costs $5 & adds everybody’s favorite samurai sword Dante into the game, no mods or broken movesets required. But the question stands: is it worth it?

Devil May Cry V‘s Vergil DLC adds Vergil lớn the story mode & Bloody Palace. Surprisingly, the story mode is the entire thing with the vast majority of the cutscenes stripped. Every last mission can now be played with Vergil. It begins with an all-new cutscene showing Vergil taking Yamato back from Nero & preparing lớn use it khổng lồ become Urizen. It’s a short scene but it fills in the blanks a tiny bit, which I appreciated. Don’t expect there to lớn be any reasoning applied regarding what he’s doing in these missions, though. Suffice khổng lồ say, he’s been dropped in and it’s obviously non-canonical.

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But I’m glad lớn have it, as Vergil can even go into V’s levels. One thing that does disappoint me is that I was hoping there would be the ability to vì the same with the other three characters. If they can allow you khổng lồ play a version of the story mode with Vergil plugged in and nothing else, they’d easily be able to let you vày it with the other three characters. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to play Devil May Cry 5‘s mặc định story mode to use the others, which is a giant missed opportunity. However, with character swapping mods, we’ll be able to vì this with ease regardless, so it’s not lượt thích that functionality is impossible.


A million little slashes

But how is Vergil, you ask? He’s great, albeit extremely similar to Dante. He has Yamato, which adds in an entirely new weapon that is a blast lớn use, as it always is. It retains much of the functionality you’re no doubt familiar with & it’s fast và satisfying to use. Vergil also has access to half of Dante’s arsenal. He starts with Beowulf và a blue spectral version of Dante’s sword. Both of these work exactly like you’d expect, so, even if you don’t feel like modding the trò chơi to run through Vergil’s mission mode with Dante, you’ll get a reasonably similar experience out of this Devil May Cry 5 DLC regardless.

Vergil, of course, doesn’t use guns và still throws little spectral blades instead. He can also use these khổng lồ create a spinning blade shield. His style is basically the same as Dante’s trickster, save for the fact that Vergil can block attacks by pressing a button at the time an enemy strike lands. The biggest difference while playing as Vergil in Devil May Cry 5 is his Devil Trigger. Instead of having two transformations, Vergil’s Devil Trigger summons a spectral clone that attacks alongside you. It can be sped up or slowed down if you so prefer. His Sin Devil Trigger functions exactly as you’d expect as well.

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Overall, Devil May Cry 5‘s Vergil DLC does exactly what you’d imagine. You can play through all of the game’s missions and Bloody Palace with Vergil và he’s a great character. I wish that the other cut features were included as well but I guess Capcom still doesn’t care as much about PC as they vị about consoles, so oh well. If you’re a big Vergil fan, the purchase is a no-brainer, so I’d say it’s worth it.