Jean Grey is the Phoenix"s host, she is already done collecting the shattered billion pieces of the phoenix force across the multiverse, after đôi mươi years of not showing in the marvel universe plus she"s in the white crown phoenix state


Galactus devoured a lot of barren planets & at his Full Power



homicidalmaniac: Its going to be a massively theoritical discussion, Phoenix in her other forms has done little to suggest she is superior khổng lồ Galactus, và White Phoenix , while eluded to be more powerful has never actually even fought anyone.. Its just pick whichever character you lượt thích contest.

It has been done in the comics but Galactus fanboys always say it"s bias because galactus was Hungry/Starving while phoenix fanboys say it was just fair because if galactus fanboys wanted to lớn contest a full powered galactus to lớn a phoenix, it shouldn"t be the Green Phoenix and Rachel shouldn"t be the host, Jean Grey should và jean should have collected all the shattered billion pieces of the phoenix because rachel only had a fraction of that billion shattered pieces of the phoenix when he fought galactus back then.

Bạn đang xem: Which marvel character can equally match white phoenix of the crown in terms of power?


though i bởi not know much about WP, i will say galactus for no reason.

can anyone give us their best feats?

baron_von_santa: the trắng phoenix of the crown managed to hold an entire universe, in her own hands using her telekinetic control, & heal it. I think that"s her best feat.

White Phoenix of the Crown was destroying multiple universes, one after the other.

She was holding universe after universe in her hands, playing with them lượt thích they were her personal đoạn clip games.

Galactus is an essential force of the universe.

White Phoenix of the Crown plays with universes, including every part. Do the math...

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Unless a very well fed Galactus gets the Ultimate Nullifier, this fight isn"t even remotely fair.

The best feats from Galactus are galaxy+ feats, when I could remember right. Phoenix of the white crown can easily hold a universes in her hand:


When Galactus feats are galaxy+, Phoenix of the trắng crown would take this in a stomp. I know not much about Galactus, but I thing he is not universal. (And if you want to debate me and proof that Galactus is universal, please no fanboyism)